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Nice!! Fun mechanics and the art looks nice. When going to the third level the fish is suddenly back to being 50cm though, instead of 100cm. And it might be nice to have the fish turn around (just flip it) when swimming the other way instead of just facing one direction all the time!
Nice work :D

It's pretty fun! Though the mails you get are pretty much always bad, and if they're good you just get a bit of fame. Once you don't have any debts anymore the money-making suddenly gets really easy, jumping from a few hundred to a few millions. The ads aren't really worth it as they give close to no fame, upgrading your computer gets you a lot further than investing anything in the ads.
It's a nice game though it does feel like it needs a bit more work, more different emails and offers, money that doesn't go up that quickly, stats that also upgrade a bit slower,..
Nice work though!

This is such a fun and well executed concept! The art and animations looked great, and the platformer-minigames were fun and didn't get boring. Took me quite a few tries to get through the lava rain but eventually made it through!!

SPOILER: I also liked how the bird(?) eventually saved you!
Nice work!

piratechipgames responds:

Glad you liked it, thanks a bunch for playing!

Replay button doesn't work when you lose, only when you win. Nice for a first game though!

I absolutely suck at these kind of games but it's pretty fun! The moving-to-where-your-mose-is-pointed is quite annoying though since you move a bit too fast to be able to aim and you can't really dodge the attacks since you just go at them at full speed.

Looks cool though and the concept is fun!

Edit: absolutely no idea how to reply, so I'll just edit it in!
Ohh I see! I was using it to evade and jump back to shoot from there, but that makes a lot more sense!

Catbugpig responds:

Thank you for your response.
I agree with you about the mouse movement, that is actually part of why I added the charge ability. If you decide to play again, I'd suggest using the charge to hold yourself in place while you shoot. The charge also makes you immune and deals a little damage to enemies. I'll definitely try to make that more apparent.

Starts out quite confusing but pretty fun, but gets pretty boring quite quickly. There's no music and no sounds, no real upgrades other than just buying new printers and Max filement, and knowing what to do took quite a while since there are no instructions and it's not clear what you can click on yet.
It's a nice start for an idle game though!

Fun idea, but I have no clue what exactly the logic was behind certain things like filling the bar and some other things. It did work out in the end though!
The music also gives this a nice atmosphere, and as simple as it looks it fits the whole magical-color-theme. Nice work!

Thorondale responds:

Thanks for your positive feedback! Much appreciated.
I guess that's why it's a bit puzzle and a bit idle. It works out easily enough when you have enough points but takes a bit of experimenting and observation to really work out what does what and to get there optimally.
The base idea is that each button takes 10 points of some colour and does something with it to turn them into another colour. The words and colours of the buttons are subtle hints.
Maybe I could add an explanation after you've completed it...

Pretty fun and looks nice! Something I noticed though is that after you get destroyed, the bullet noise still works when you keep clicking, so maybe it'd be better to change that?

Nice work!

Tinycloud778 responds:

Thanks I already fixed the problem and a few other bugs

Never imagined steering a destructing pink slime around would be this fun! Watch out with the flickering screens though for people with epilepsy (maybe give a warning?)

It's pretty fun!! Coins system doesn't seem to be working though? The graphics are also fun and clear :)

arkin600 responds:

это пробная версия что бы люди делали предложения для улучшения игры в дальнейшем выйдет обновление с учетом ошибок this is a trial version for people to make suggestions to improve the game in the future will be updated with errors

Hey! I'm an illustrator, animator and writer, delving into the whole animation and game world.
Currently trying my best to learn C# and get to making some simple games!
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