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This is so good!! Would 100% love it if you ever were to work on it more :D

oo nice! has an ok ko vibe going on, was interesting to watch :)

ToastieTV responds:

Thank you! I get that a lot, It was a main source of inspiration for the vibes I wanted to go for along with Spiderverse! Glad you enjoyed!


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Oof! That was good. Short, but that's to be expected from a demo!
I liked the eerie atmosphere and off-putting existence of Em-A-Li. Wasn't too fond of the autotuned voice at first but eventually got used to it.
The puzzels and trying to find your way through the darkness was fun too!

"Spoiler": I liked the part where you went back to the first room and different part of the room/hallway lit up and turned dark again.
Nice game!! Would definitely buy the full game to find out more about the story.

Nice!! Fun mechanics and the art looks nice. When going to the third level the fish is suddenly back to being 50cm though, instead of 100cm. And it might be nice to have the fish turn around (just flip it) when swimming the other way instead of just facing one direction all the time!
Nice work :D

It's pretty fun! Though the mails you get are pretty much always bad, and if they're good you just get a bit of fame. Once you don't have any debts anymore the money-making suddenly gets really easy, jumping from a few hundred to a few millions. The ads aren't really worth it as they give close to no fame, upgrading your computer gets you a lot further than investing anything in the ads.
It's a nice game though it does feel like it needs a bit more work, more different emails and offers, money that doesn't go up that quickly, stats that also upgrade a bit slower,..
Nice work though!

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This is awesome!! You've got a great range that'd definitely be useful for cartoons/games etc!

This is sick!

This is so enjoyable to listen to! I feel like it could fit right in a Humongous Entertainment game, with it not being too loud (sometimes music almost gets "obnoxious" when it overtakes everything else) but still giving the perfect setting!

ScottJacob responds:

Wow! Thanks so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Hey! I'm an illustrator, animator and writer, delving into the whole animation and game world.
Currently trying my best to learn C# and get to making some simple games!
Contact: cyaboroncontact@gmail.com

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